**If you are currently in a abusive relationship, your computer or phone may currently be monitored!!! Please log out and log in from a safe device.**

Why This Area is So Close to Our Heart

Firm owner Ashley Baillargeon understands how difficult it is to leave your abuser. She knows personally that sometimes leaving your abuser can truly mean life or death. We will help you put a safety plan in place if you do not have one. Your safety and life are our number one priority.

Different Types of Restraining Orders (Injunctions)

There are six types of restraining orders or injunctions you can file for in Florida: domestic violence, stalking violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, dating violence, and cyberstalking.

If you select the incorrect type of injunction, your petition may be denied by the judge, and you will have to refile your petition. Let us help you pick the best option for your situation. 

We will fill out the injunction paperwork with you, attend the injunction hearing with you, and represent you on your behalf.

If you are currently in a domestic violent relationship, please seek help IMMEDIATELY. No one should EVER have to live in fear.

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